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WikiTableWorks is a Google Sheets add-on that converts spreadsheet ranges into stylized wiki tables.

Effective June 20, 2019, all Google Drive add-ons have been migrated from the Chrome Web Store to the G Suite Marketplace. (KB1906495)

You can create simple wiki tables or sortable wiki tables.

PRINT THIS: How to make a wiki table (pdf)

Sortable wiki tables allow row sorting using column headers.

The newest version now supports MediaWiki 1.31.x LTS, Wikimedia, FANDOM, and (of course) Wikipedia.

WikiTableWorks is the best way to export wiki tables from Google Sheets to MediaWiki-powered web sites, such as Wikipedia.

Merge rows and columns to create powerful layouts. Building complex tables with rowspans and colspans can be expensive for projects, even for expert wiki authors.

Using WikiTableWorks for Google Sheets, you can build the precise layout that you imagine without the time consumed with trial and error.

Use the Google Sheets user interface to change colors and sizes. Developing a simple add-on that uses your prior knowledge, which includes past spreadsheet experience, to build wiki tables is much more cost-effective than reinventing the wheel — or in this case, the interface.

Using Google Sheets to design wiki tables is a natural fit for users who are already comfortable using online spreadsheets to collaborate.

For example, you can customize the fonts, columns, and rows in Google spreadsheets to create stylized wiki tables.

Export your wiki tables to other collaborative environments. It is easy to copy and paste the WikiSyntax into MediaWiki or Wikipedia. You can also save wiki documents to Google Drive.


The following is a list of WikiTableWorks features:


Need Markdown tables? Try MarkdownTableMaker.

Updated on June 23, 2019

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